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Our Niche...Research- based Solutions

We focus primarily on providing research-based solutions to organizations funded by federal and state agencies. We believe that intrinsic analysis, regression analysis, financial forecasting and cutting-edge technology is not only reserved for the profit-based company. We're not your average T/TA consultants.

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Early Head Start | Child Care Partnerships

Layering of funds is a primary aspect to consider when engaging partnerships in early childhood. Separate funding sources share the total cost of services to children, but requires careful planning. This is a challenge for the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships, but one that is basic to its success.

Here you will find an interactive budgeting module developed early-on in the working process with our EHS-CCP clients. It is primarily a budgeting module that can be opened in Excel that uses VBA programming language. This allows for a user-friendly interface with a great deal of functionality enabled behind the scenes. As you work through each tab, and arrive at "results", be sure to click the "print icon" to get the full detail of what the module provides. [the entire module can be downloaded with the link below]. The only cost is your feedback...enjoy!

EHS-CCP Budgeting Module

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Fiscal Integrity and Sustainability

Fiscal integrity has long been an administrative call to arms by funding agencies and the underlying laws that govern grant management. The reality is no organization's stakeholders intentionally set out to have anemic internal controls or feeble financial management systems. The answer lie in sustainability.

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A Culture Built on Goodwill & Charity

We believe the categorical success of social and human service organizations should not rely solely on federal, state and local resources. Beyond the unrestrictive fundraising of governing bodies, it requires goodwill  and giving from the most prolific economy in our country - private-sector businesses.

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Our services

Financial Management Specialists

Federal and State funded programs rarely provide the administrative capacity to expand, update and hire the resources needed to ensure that fiscal integrity, controls and monitoring are optimized. Finding and filling "gaps" in financial systems just happen to be our specialty!

Cost Analysis & Allocation

Although nonprofits generally have practical control of their revenue-streams, capacity for analyzing and allocating costs can sometimes be a challenge. This is particularly the case when it comes to the true, all-in costs of providing services, running programs, and otherwise operating the organization.

Fiscal Technical Assistance

Good Fiscal Technical Assistance is a resource needed by the new, as well as the tried-and-true fiscal officer.  In addition, the advent of the Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership initiative has conceived unforeseen challenges for award recipients. As one of fifteen vetted consultancy providers in the nation, we are a prominent resource for "getting it right".

Compliance & Regulatory Services

Let's face it, compliance and regulations are an overwhelming necessity. Navigating the double-talk and ever-changing statutes are not a realistic use for your program's human capital, that's our job. Whether facing a disallowance, CAP, restrictions or OIG...We always get it right!


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