Fiscal & Grants Management: A Case Study Walkthrough for 2020

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Preconference Description

Fiscal Management – internal controls, financial reporting, budgeting & approvals, monitoring, non-federal share, facilities acquisition, renovations, cost allocation – the lists are endless in the oversight requirements and operational obligations for grantees. Yet, the training and resources seem to provide the same redundant, menacing approach with no measurable benefit.

We invite you to join Billy Starr, MBA-CGAP (former fiscal monitoring manager for DLH-Danya) and Vincent Dabney, MBA-PMP (liaison for OHS Monitoring & Disallowance Review Board) as we provide a full day of expert engagement in navigating the challenging lanes of implementing and operating an efficient grants & fiscal management department for Head Start and Early Head Start. Whether your challenges are in monitoring or operations, they will address topics through case-studies and effective model validations on how to execute sustainable oversight and resolve operational concerns before they become a growing issue.

Participants can also expect to hear what’s on the horizon in Head Start’s fiscal and administrative management; as well as build capacity with best practices and advanced approaches. More importantly, you will hear from participants that work with decision-makers and were involved in the development of today’s current monitoring tools and resources. It will be a full-day of interactive content provided by subject-matter experts with over forty years of first-hand knowledge

Target Audience

Governing Body
– Board Officers/Members
– Policy Council Officers/Members
Executive and Mid-Level Management
– Executive Director
– Head Start Director
– Fiscal Officer
– Content Area Managers
Frontline Staff
– Accountants (Sr/I/II)
– A/P, Payroll and Accounts Payable
– Any personnel with administrative duties or interests.

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