• Fiscal IntegrityThe effort towards achieving accountability through transparency

Fiscal Consulting

Fiscal integrity and administrative capacity have long been an existential call-to-arms by funding agencies. The standards and regulations underlying grants management require more than an empirical understanding. The reality is no organization’s human capital possess entirely the capacity or resources required to consistently and adequately affect high quality in its daily operations.

That’s where we come in…

Effective Fiscal technical assistance is a resource needed by the new, as well as the tried-and-true fiscal officer. In addition, the advent of new grantees and expansion initiatives has produced unforeseen challenges for award recipients. As one of the select and vetted consultancy providers in the nation, The BSA Group is an overt resource for “getting it right”.

There is little doubt that there is a continued need to focus on fiscal integrity and accountability in grants management systems. Requirements for processes and policies for cash management, financial reporting, cost principles, accounting, internal and budget controls, and administrative costs can be elusive; and open to interpretation. Though there has been an incremental decrease in fiscal areas of non-compliance during nominal monitoring review events, there has been a marked increase in the number and frequency of deficiencies and disallowances. In the current environment, a proactive approach by management is as important as the outcome.

Regardless of your agency's effective approach to fiscal compliance, requirements should be viewed as an advent of internal policy and a key indicator of sustainability when accurately measured and analyzed. The key to building integrity into your fiscal management environment is to approach them with the following critical elements: 1. Reporting- learn how to assess accuracy in the reporting of the source, allocation, and application of program funds 2. Procurement & Facilities- stay briefed on the up-to-date requirements for your program's policies and procedures for procurement, and ensure facilities management and federal interest is tracked effectively 3. Compensation- learn how to ensure that all salaries are efcomply with Federal regulations 4. Cost Principles-learn how to assess if cost charged to the grant are allowable. 5. Facilities-learn how to assess compliance with requirements for purchase, construction or major renovation of facilities or equipment.