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About us

Excellence in Grants Management for Over 20+ Years

We welcome you to the re-launch of The BSA Group, Inc. We've been providing nonprofits, educational institutions, local/state governments, and for-profit organizations with innovative financial management solutions for over 22 years. We remain on the frontline of what is significant in fiscal compliance, financial management systems, and organizational management. We are authorities in compliance and regulatory requirements in early childhood education and federally-funded grants management.

“ The Nexus is here, "Where Compliance Meets Innovation."

When Billy J. Starr first began his role in public-sector financial management, it was as an Auditor and Analyst attached to the Navy Personnel Command-OIG. He witnessed the exaction of extensive resources; as well as the moneyed partnering of the private sector (mostly Fortune-500 entities) in the defense industry. The principles of those years followed him into an imminent cause - early childhood education. If grant-based organizations were governed by synonymous cost principles and held to emulative regulations approximating those of our country's more moneyed departments and agencies, then clearly they merit the same innovations and solutions.

This is where the conviction of The BSA Group was created; a mission that began as an individual's determination to provide management solutions founded on true exploratory and mechanistic analysis. 
The world and industry in which we currently find ourselves is one of the scathe resources and ever-expanding requirements. This simply translates into a do­-more-with-less environment. It also means that internal controls and fiscal integrity must be magnified, as opposed to contracted.

Our ambition has now matured into a wide network of highly capable and professional authorities in financial management, fiscal compliance, strategic planning, organizational expansion, project management, change management and technological advancement. Our hub of subject-matter experts are second to none, and they are enthusiastic about the work they do... for the right reason.

We are excited about what the future holds for grants management and early childhood education. Our future will be sculpted by the success of our most valuable assets ... children and families. They are our purpose and they are our definitive mission, and we are more than passionate about assisting our clients in moving their purpose into the future.

Billy J. Starr
Managing Director, The BSA Group

Our Approach

Providing our clients objective assurance is our daily mission. Presenting targeted consulting designed to add value and improve an organization's operations is our duty.

It is a professional accomplishment to help an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to improve its effectiveness. With a commitment to integrity and accountability, we take pride in being our client's source for timely advice and solutions. The scope of our services are select, and encompass governance, risk management and internal controls. 

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General Queries

2018's most queried topics from clients and partners answered

For grant recipients of OHS funding, indirect costs are costs that cannot be directly allocated to a specific benefitting activity.  There are three types of indirect costs - provisional, pre-determined, and fixed rate (carry-forward).

Administrative costs are derived from the administrative and developmental functions required in carrying-out the requirements of the grant.  These cost encompass direct resources (e.g. salaries, space, etc.) not considered programmatic and indirect cost.  The total percentage not to exceed a 15% limitation of total program cost.

A cost allocation plan (and policy) is required whenever a grant recipient has various grants, programs, contracts and/or agreements that require the allocation of resources.  The cost allocation plan is developed to summarize the methodologies and procedures used to allocate the various costs.

In the absense of a process for personnel activity reporting or time-studies, creating an internal control policy for personnel activity allocation is the solution.  This requires identification (usually through the establishment of a cost allocation plan) of benefitting-factors provided by staff and received by each program. Once identified, three categorical control policies and practicies should be established - 

  1. Preventive Controls
  2. Detective Controls
  3. Monitoring Controls

These controls can lead to valuable benefits such as reducing risks for occupational fraud, ensuring accurate financial reporting and increase operating efficiencies.

The BSA Group provided us with all the answers and solutions we needed to achieve a higher degree of compliance and operational efficiency. The best part, they gave us more than what we ever expected to receive...and was always willing to provide more. Highly recommend them!

A. Bracy

C.E.O. of YWCA Metro St. Louis